Asia Pacific’s Most Innovative Universities – 2018

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Why Samsung Thinks The Key To Its Future (And Profits) Could Be In The Auto Sector

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The Champions Of Crypto: Who Are The Titans Driving Mainstream Adoption?

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CES 2018 showcases five new gadgets to keep travellers charged, safe and comfortable

The world’s largest consumer gadget show featured innovations for travel going on sale this year, including robotic suitcases that follow you around, and devices that will stop you getting... Read more »

Months After Raising a $100 Million ICO Kik Founder Calls Blockchain”Unconvincing”

At the True North tech conference earlier this week, Kik CEO Ted Livingston expressed his surprising opinion about blockchain: “Almost nobody should be looking at it.” Kin Founder Belittles the Blockchain... Read more »

Lenovo chief says US and China need each other, globalisation won’t reverse course

The head of Lenovo Group said that despite trade tensions between the US and China, the world’s two biggest economies need each other as globalisation pushes forward. “No country... Read more »

What is Your Actual Risk of a DDoS Attack?

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Rakuten’s $30m soccer player lifts labor costs to new heights

TOKYO — Rakuten’s recent acquisition of Spanish soccer star Andres Iniesta for its football club is aimed at boosting the Japanese e-commerce group’s international profile, but the deal is expected to weigh on earnings... Read more »

Facebook Is Killing Off Its Trending News Section

Facebook next week is set to shut down the Trending news section on the service — coming after the social giant became ensnared in several controversies over the feature in... Read more »

Whitman launches advisor-driven wealth management mobile app in Malaysia

WHITMAN Independent Advisors on June 7 launched iWealth, Malaysia’s first advisor-driven online wealth management mobile application. Presented as a mobile application (app), iWealth seamlessly integrates bespoke advisory services with... Read more »