Taxi drivers issue 24-hour ultimatum to LGE over Grab’s ‘preferential treatment’

PUTRAJAYA: Cab drivers are giving Lim Guan Eng 24 hours to explain why e-hailing service Grab is given “preferential treatment” to provide complementary services to commuters. They are demanding... Read more »

Volkswagen’s Audi fined 800 million euros over diesel emissions scandal

German law enforcement authorities have fined Volkswagen’s luxury division Audi 800 million euros ($1.3 billion), as the fallout continues after the carmaker sold cars rigged to cheat on emissions... Read more »

Articles From The Desk of the President of Malaysia Digital Chamber of Commerce

Increasing Productivity through Digital Disruption October 13,2018 – On a recent trip attending an executive education programme at University of California Berkeley, it strikes me how much the retail... Read more »

12 Dating Tips That Will Transform Your Love Life

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Bitcoin Drops $400 in 30 Minutes As Price Volatility Returns

Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, dropped 4.77 percent on Thursday, pushing prices well below $6,400 for the first time in weeks. At 00:58 UTC, just after... Read more »

Facebook Is Still Thirsty for Your Health Data

Facebook already has a veritable treasure trove of data on anyone who uses the site, including stuff users do on the web outside of it. It still has an... Read more »

Self-driving cars need a common language to talk about safety, or they will fail

‘The success of autonomous vehicles requires public trust’ There’s been a lot of talk lately about the need for a “common language” when it comes to self-driving cars. Ford... Read more »

Why do we demolish buildings instead of deconstructing them for re-use?

Re-thinking demolition and turning to deconstruction could cut down costs and waste. Image: Unsplash Dismantling buildings piece by piece to preserve the reusable parts within keeps materials out of... Read more »

Entrepreneurs Who Battled Depression For Years

In the business world, depression is one of the most common problems faced by entrepreneurs. Behind happy-looking faces and successful lives hide a fierce mental battle. Courage is what... Read more »

Research: Perspective-Taking Doesn’t Help You Understand What Others Want

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, realized that being a good leader required being a good mind reader. “I see my task as serving the majority of people,” he... Read more »