European Blockchain Hub launches node in Asia

The Asia Blockchain Hub was officially launched today under the patronage of the European Blockchain Hub to facilitate the development of blockchain technology in the region.

Asia Blockchain Hub founder Rex Yeap said Malaysia was chosen as the node of the European Blockchain Hub in Asia due to the enormous potential of the blockchain industry in the country.

“Malaysia has also seen many talented individuals rise high in the blockchain industry over the past few years,” he told reporters after the launch of the hub here today.

Yeap, who is also an advisory member of the European Blockchain Hub, said Asia, on the other hand, was chosen as the second destination to establish a blockchain hub due to the aptitude of the people in the region towards technology.

“We think the market over here is very passionate towards blockchain technology. This industry has created a lot of new jobs and helped a lot of young people to become successful in their countries,” he added.

Blockchain is a digital ledger that serves as a bookkeeping platform that is incorruptible, enforces transparency, and bypasses censorship, but is commonly associated with the controversial cryptocurrency.

Source: Bernama